Friday, December 05, 2008

King of Yr Own

Your Highness,

Your system is exposed to risk.
Your data.

Another day you’re waiting
for the crack of lonely

questioning your sanity
and what is worth
and true

Sitting in a wheelchair
with a dirty
cotton crown

Your army’s blasting stereo
Wrapped in foil
and glue

Sounds a little gritty
When you’re
high and down.

Visions turning slightly blue…

It sounds a little off -key
When you’re
on your own.


Id said...

"....I'm so tired I can't sleep
I'm anemic royalty
I'm a liar and a thief
I'm anemic royalty...."
ako mojeh, shtqh da ti presipq shepa nadejda, no....vsichko otdavna se prevyrna samo v pqsyk...

Anita said...

Много ми харесва идеята за "Yr", още веднъж подтрърждава стила ти,така че ме грабна още преди да съм го прочела! И направо ме разбиваш винаги в последния момент - краят е много впечатляващ!:))

faking suicide for applause said...

един ден, трамбовайки по някаква улица, се усетих че съзнанието ми повтаря "waiting for the crack of lonely dawn".

Rob Instigator said...

this should be a song if it is not already

drive like there's no tomorrow said...

no, Rob, it's not a song, but it might as well become one.
who knows, eh?!