Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's only Dreaming

Delirious vision
reveals the strangest place
Melancholy landscapes
in'n'out of grace
Slefish, full-blown chaos
in a raincoat and a hat
Steady flow of Nothing
Smell of rancid red
I don't want no trouble
in interstellar space
Cold, blank eyes
so narrow
I cannot forget
Screams unheard,
something hurts...
in a cell of pain
Friendly gayboy (turns to me and) says:
It's only dreaming
for the sake of it
so why the hell you worry
waste of Blonde God's spit...
I leva him on the corner
Come back in 1/2 an hour
Thin pink blankets
Old ashes on the floor
Let's get right back there
Murmur, groan & roar
Shivering sick bodies
lying on the ground
puke in constant horror
Vomit all around

This pain will never get away
You shoot it straight and nod away...

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