Friday, July 30, 2010

Epsylon alcoholic

Eye think of you
So too much careful
of not destroying
the positive image
this gentle fresh outlook
Just can't accept reality
So upset
So afraid
Eye want you back
As I thought of you
Too good to be okay
Yr better perfect side
This annoying barefoot image
Yr shadowy fucked up outlook
Just won't accept reality

Eye need you back
In order to fuel my faith
Eye think of you
In order to protect reality
from yr nice ass falling flat on the ground
In this gentle manner
or unacceptable uncertainty

Fuck you if you've thought
you could escape
I'm dead and so are you
Protec me you woo-hoo

Step out of the blackest shadow
In order to save personality
Just in case I say I love you
I beg you keep that word in mind
Just in case
I love you do
God betray me if that've ever been enough
And so I want you back
So fresh and
So what eye believe you are
So clean

God betrayed
God forgive
Man escaped
Man believed

Eye shiver quite worried
beat up so upset
Upon yr black blue image
Eats me up like cancer
Beats me up wounded red

Step out of scheme
Step out of shadow
Don't ask
Don't tell
Don't follow
I guess it's struck a nerve
Eye spend time waiting
Brought a tear in my eye
two or three four times
Fuck sake
Have to say I'm afraid
Eats me up like cancer
Subhuman divine parasyte
Eye have to pay
for being close
Eye have to pay
for being far too close

Freaks me out
It's happening again
Fuck sake!
Bugs me out
that it's for you
the new beginning
Rise up just this one time
Eye cried for you
Dove died today
In front of my pale sight
Gave me sign
I'm so too afraid of
This long expected comeback
Exhausted falldown
Crushed yr precisely built
of an angel

Come back
Fall down
Rise up!
Fuck sake!
Rise up
all the way
A to Z, Alpha, Omega,


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