Friday, July 30, 2010

fear forgotten (Skinheads marching through SiegHeiling)

We're going to win this battle
Step closer to forget this war
Something glorious is
about to happen
Fear forgotten
Fear forgotten
Hey, fucker: let it go
Vaguely aware
Too weak to resist
Pish- free existance
I'm hurting no cunt else
Cash on luxuries
brought alongside
Euphoria amplified
leaving his bloodstream
Well- furnished lovers
kind of Catholic
same state ot health
Glancing at his clock
Skinheads marching
through the inner cities
Sieg Heiling
Wearisome & obvious
God, it's so fucking
weird sitting with a girl
and no drink or drugs
to disinhibit
Fear forgotten
What a self- loathing
Bludgeoning cough
It's everywhere
What's yr problem
Coke rushes running down
His presence a signal
cursed in sick self- loathing
Began to find strenght

Fear forgotten
Fear forgotten


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